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“Promontory Point in Idaho Falls is a home away from home. Both my husband and I have been there for care, him for acute illness rehab and I for rehab of a knee replacement. Our stay has been exceptional. From administration to housekeeping all the staff are wonderfully knowledgeable and kind. The Nursing staff was very prompt too with meds. (Very important with initial pain control and nausea). The CNAs could not have been better. Therapists, where to begin, let’s just say they were exceptional. Of course it was so nice not to have to cook! Something to eat was available at all hours. Suffice it to say, I would recommend and do recommend Promontory Point to all I know.”

Margaret A. Hansen

 “Promontory Point has been a 10+ experience! The staff without exception is friendly and professional. The physical therapy was excellent and the kitchen staff served delicious meals. I will use this facility again and again as need arises!”

James Smallwood

 “My name is Margit Church, I am a patient here at Promontory Point Rehabilitation. It is my second time here as a patient. I was here the first time for 90 days, and so far this time I have been here for 3 weeks. The staff here is all outstanding, they can’t do enough for you, the same goes for the kitchen staff, the meals are always great. As far as the therapists go, you won’t find any better. They work with you, with only one goal in mind: getting you better, on your feet and out of here. All their attention is on you while they are working with you. It is a wonderful place to be while you are healing. I would highly recommend it to anyone who needs therapy.”

Margaret Church