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  •  Visitation is allowed at this time within patient room.  All visitors must wear a facemask upon entry and are encouraged to social distance, with frequent use of hand sanitizer. Please do not visit IF you have had a recent COVID exposure, COVID positive test or have COVID-like symptoms.

Current Facility COVID-19 Cases: 0  (0 Employee & 0 Patient) 

Cumulative In Office Positive COVID-19 Cases: 63 Employees & 24 Patients


Updated 11/29/2022




Screening for COVID-19

 Our team members are acutely aware they could unintentionally bring the virus into Promontory, which is why our team is constantly monitoring for symptoms of the virus. If an employee is showing any signs of the coronavirus or has been in contact with someone suspected of having the coronavirus, they are required to stay home until they’ve been tested and cleared to return to work.

Monitoring for COVID-19

We monitor for signs and symptoms of COVID-19. We take their temperature, ask if they’ve noticed any changes in their health and go through a series of questions to determine if they are experiencing any symptoms related to the virus. If there are any changes, our team will catch them quickly with these screenings. This will allow us to immediately get our patients treatment that they need.

Practicing Social Distancing

One of the most effective ways to stop the spread of COVID-19 is to practice social distancing, which means keeping at least six-feet of space between you and the people around you. While our nursing staff have to get close to patients to perform their jobs, as a team we are practicing social distancing whenever possible. This means we have set nursing teams working together to limit interactions with multiple team members.

Patients that are vaccinated can now participate in communal dining, group activities and group therapy with use of a facemask. Patients that are unvaccinated will have meals served in their rooms and will have one on one activities and therapy.

Face Masks 

Our team members are required to wear face coverings (ie:face masks/N95/face shields, etc.) while at work. This helps to prevent the transfer of respiratory droplets and significantly reduces the potential spread of the virus. If patients leave their room or have to go to an appointment outside of Promontory, we are requiring they wear a face mask to help keep their peers safe.

Enhanced Cleaning 

As a healthcare facility, we have always had rigorous cleaning practices. However, we are doubling down on our efforts to protect our patients against the virus. We’ve ensured every cleaning product we use meets EPA guidelines for killing the coronavirus. We have increased our cleaning frequency and are continuously cleaning our facility throughout the day.


Patients that are allowed visitors in their rooms at this time, regardless of vaccination status. Family members are to wear a facemask while in facility.

Technology is making it easier than ever before to help families stay in touch. While some of our patients know how to FaceTime, we are happy to help families and patients who could use some extra help coordinate video calls. Our nurses will help you arrange a time for a call and be with the patient to help them use the phone or computer, so the call goes smoothly.

We also encourage families to come and visit their loved ones through a window or drop off small gifts or supplies. We’ve found that being close to those you love, even when you are separated through a window screen, is incredibly uplifting. It brings big smiles to our faces as well! Patients have also loved when their families drop off cards, a new magazine or a small treat.

Our team is also doing all we can to keep you informed and connected. We are trying to send family members more pictures of their loved one, so they can see how they’re doing.

We know how much you want to be with your loved ones. Please know your sacrifice is making a huge difference in keeping our patients safe and keeping the coronavirus out of our facility.



If anyone tests positive for the coronavirus in our facility, here are the steps our team will take:

Isolating Patient

 If a patient tests positive for the coronavirus, we will immediately isolate this patient and relocate them to our COVID-19 area to ensure they do not have contact with any other patients in our facility. 

Keep you Informed

We are committed to being transparent and sharing all of the information available. We will keep our COVID-19 infection numbers, both current and cumulative, up to date on our website.

Notify our Health Partners

If we have a patient or staff member test positive for the coronavirus, we will immediately contact our local and state health departments as well as the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services. These partner agencies would provide us extra support as we navigate the situation.

The team at Promontory is committed to doing all we can to help protect our patients from COVID-19. If you have questions about the steps we are taking, please contact Randy Chambers at 208.528.4000.